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The changes organizations are facing today are multiple and overlapping: structure changes; new products; globalization; systems implementations; mergers and acquisitions; and process redesign. But organizational inertia is strong. How can a leader build a clear and compelling vision that everyone can get behind?

To be effective, leaders need to be able to lead change initiatives. This class introduces techniques for recognizing and dealing with change from the perspective of the leader.

As a result of taking this course, participants will be able to:

   - Identify their change cycles and patterns in their organizations

   - Define their roles in designing and driving change.

   - Identify root cause of resistance to change and work to overcome it.

   - Identify their leadership role in translating and communication vision to stakeholders

   - Build a sense of urgency for a change

   - Implement a playbook created for communicating a change in their organization

   - Assess their organization’s culture and its relationship to change

   - Align an upcoming change with the organization’s vision and strategy.

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