Business Leader Faculty

While many schools claim to use faculty with real world experience, they still predominantly rely on full-time tenured and non-tenured faculty members who are consultants in the business world or researchers.

At LFGSM, we choose to use all Business Leader Faculty™ because of the value their daily real life experiences bring to the classroom. Our faculty are doing what others are theorizing about in classrooms.

Our Business Leader Faculty's ability to help students directly relate class material to their present day business situations is the backbone of our practical business management education.

Faculty members bring a high level strategic perspective honed from years of work experience, a facilitative style and a desire to develop the business management competencies of their students. Their active participation in business provides an understanding of the evolving needs of organizations today.

LFGSM continually seeks out the most current business thinking to integrate into the curriculum and our mission calls us to ensure that our graduates know how to properly apply it. Faculty members serve as subject matter experts on curriculum councils and work with the course deans to develop curricula that address not only current business management theory and the School’s competencies, but also critical skills that students will find essential to advance their careers.