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Translating Strategy Into Action

Program Highlights

Successful leaders need an effective way to implement the strategies of their organization to generate results and meet business goals. 

Translating Strategy into Action provides a framework for understanding your organization's strategic vision and turning it into actions that others will understand and execute. Program participants are given decision making tools to transform their business by aligning their organization’s priorities with measurable initiatives and tactical plans. 

Translating Strategy into Action helps participants:

  • Identify their leadership role
  • Communicate well
  • Identify their audience
  • Create a plan
  • Translating Strategy into Action is ideal for managers and leaders who influence others to execute strategies of their organization. 

  • Delivered in-person for up to 20 participants as a two day program

  • Day 1

    Session I
    Recognize the key components of strategic thinking necessary for decision making

    Session II
    Learn and practice using management tools to achieve core initiatives and build agility for future growth

    Session III
    Identify key linkage between strategy and execution

    Day 2

    Session I
    Create action plans at the local level

    Session II
    Maximize engagement and accountability to achieve collective goals

  • Bill Welter

    Bill Welter
    Adaptive Strategies, Inc.

    Gary Conrad

    Gary Conrad

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