Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

Strategic Thinking

Program Highlights

To succeed in the competitive business climate, professionals at all levels must think strategically to identify opportunities and challenges in their environment. With the Strategic Thinking program, each participant will learn to apply concepts and tools that are aligned with their organization’s goals. Upon completion, they will be able to develop a strategic plan to identify problems and propose solutions that ultimately solve complex business issues.

Strategic Thinking helps participants:

  • Develop tools to strategically work towards organizational goals
  • Outwardly articulate a vision and plan for the future
  • Identify the needs of the customer, now and in the future
  • Investigate the challenges posed by competitors
  • Create a broad strategic plan for future success
  • Strategic Thinking is ideal for managers and leaders who are currently responsible for or will influence the strategic direction of their company.

  • Delivered in-person
    for 10-20 participants as a one or two day program.

  • Day 1


  • Jim Austin

    Jim Austin
    JH Austin Associates, Inc.

    Leslie Wainwright

    Leslie Wainwright
    Strategy Designer
    Business Models Inc.

    Terri Austerberry

    Terri Austerberry
    MAC Consultant
    McKinsey & Company

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