How Ready Are Your Leaders?


For over 70 years, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management has been empowering working professionals with the tools to make a difference in their organizations and communities. We believe a leader inspires others, changes lives, and propels businesses forward. The Lake Forest Leadership Model is the core of our leadership philosophy. It is fundamental to our mission to build Broad Thinkers and Strong Leaders

A Road Map For Every Leader

Work with Lake Forest to navigate your leadership goals and define your destination. Choose the skill areas and traits your leaders need. Select a delivery method and time period ranging from one-hour to multiple sessions. Create the Leadership Development Program right for your organization.


Our High Potential Leaders Program focuses on ways to fast-track high achievers in their leadership development. This program is framed so that participants can develop a strategic perspective on the organization's business, and identify how to achieve their objectives.

Typical courses included in the High Potential Leaders Program are Communication Style; Managerial Courage; Strategic Thinking and Execution; Building and Leading Teams; Manage Conflicts and Reduce Barriers to Success; and Delegating and Setting Priorities. 


The Emerging Leaders Program is a highly interactive program that incorporates many communication and leadership skills that are necessary on a daily basis. Improved communication and leadership skills benefit participants, their teams, and the organization with higher quality employee engagement.

Typical topics included in the Emerging Leaders Program are Strategic Decision-Making; Managerial Style; Financial Awareness; Building and Leading Teams; Delegating and Setting Priorities; and Managing Conflicts and Reducing Barriers to Success.


Our Supervisory Leaders Program incorporates communication and leadership skills vital to managerial success. Supervisors, newly promoted or experienced with limited formal development, can benefit from this foundational people management program.

Typical topics included in the Supervisory Leaders Program are Managerial Style; Coaching and Feedback; Building and Leading Teams; Delegating and Setting Priorities; and Manage Conflicts and Reduce Barriers to Success. 


The Established Managers Leadership Program utilizes active learning techniques to develop both soft and hard leadership skills among experienced managers. By developing these skills, experienced managers will be better positioned to leverage their strengths and make a positive impact on the organization through the people and processes they lead.


The Senior Leadership Program empowers participants to improve themselves and their organizations. In this program, senior leaders learn leadership and communication skills they can use to create vision and alignment in their organization, enhancing employee engagement and overall productivity.

Typical topics included in the Senior Leaders Program are Leading, Managing and Coaching Through Change; Managerial Courage; Managing Difficult Conversations; The Art and Science of Leadership; Accountability and Building Effective Teams; and Cascading Vision and Values.