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Financial Acumen

Program Highlights

Data is the cornerstone of business. It informs us about our customers, allowing us to predict the future, and make better decisions. Numbers can be intimidating to those who do not work with them on a daily basis. Participants in this program will gain the financial literacy to understand the numbers side of their business and how to use those numbers to make better decisions.

Financial Acumen helps participants:

  • Build confidence to ask the right questions to make strategic decisions
  • Use financial statements to evaluate performance and forecast needs
  • Leverage data to improve processes, shape strategy, and innovate
  • Financial Acumen is ideal for individual contributors or managers in non-financial roles who could benefit from a deeper understanding  of financial statements and business process.

  • Delivered in-person or virtually  for up to 25 participants as two 1/2 day or one full day module

  • Module 1: 1/2 Day

    Topic I
    Understanding the language of business

    Topic II
    Building confidence with financial data

    Module 2: 1/2 Day

    Topic I
    Understanding the impact of data on your operating needs

    Topic II
    Using data to change business outcomes

  • Marian Powers

    Marian Powers

    Jim Austin

    Jim Austin
    JH Austin Associates, Inc.

    Tony Poidomani

    Tony Poidomani
    S3 Mobility LLC

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