Established Managers Program

The Established Managers Leadership Program utilizes active learning techniques to develop both soft and hard leadership skills among experienced managers. By developing these skills, experienced managers will be better positioned to leverage their strengths and make a positive impact on the organization through the people and processes they lead.


  • Articulate how leaders create a “followership”
  • Identify your personal brand and create a plan to manage it
  • Refine your approach to empower, engage, and direct others
  • Practice coaching and performance feedback conversations
  • Establish, build and maintain valuable relationships with customers and internal stakeholders


  • Explain how business strategies and tactics work in the marketplace
  • Recognize key business aspects such as policies, trends, technology, and organizational structure and how they impact the business
  • Explore financial fundamentals
  • Cascade organizational goals and strategies to the people you lead


  • Recognize different styles of negotiation, and identify appropriate situations in which to use each
  • Become skilled at engaging in win-win negotiations
  • Negotiate without damaging relationships


  • Describe the organization’s culture and value systems
  • Collaborate internally, and recognize and navigate the complexities of relationships and interests within the organization
  • Anticipate potential risk situations and maneuver through political situations


  • Implement a playbook for communicating change
  • Integrate team members to be effective across cultures
  • Articulate how ethics in management relates to managerial courage
  • Use coaching best practices to maximize team performance