Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

Preparing Your Talent for the Next Level

Each of these pillars of leadership takes years of practice and an open mind. They are the basis of the LFGSM tagline, “Broad Thinkers, Strong Leaders.” Our mission is to develop strong, well-rounded leaders who can take on any challenge

For over 70 years, Lake Forest has been empowering working professionals with the tools to make a difference in their organizations and communities. We believe a leader is someone who inspires others, changes lives and propels businesses forward. The Lake Forest Leadership Model is the core of our leadership philosophy – it is fundamental to our mission to create Broad Thinkers and Strong Leaders.


The opposite of reactionary, agile leaders are able to thoroughly absorb information and wisely use that knowledge to lead others in unfamiliar situations. In addition to a strong, foundational knowledge base in key business disciplines, each agile leader is an archer with a quiver of diverse arrows – skills, tools, experiences – which they can incisively choose and shoot when needed. They intentionally model agility for others to follow their actions. They are Broad Thinkers and Strong Leaders.


It’s a continuous journey to achieve what’s commonly known as the “trinity of self-awareness”: know thyself, improve thyself, and complement thyself. More than smart, self-aware leaders have “emotional intelligence.” They are able to take an honest and accurate assessment of their own skills and talents, and use that knowledge to do what’s best for their organizations.


Engaging others is increasingly critical in today’s diverse workplace. Beyond generational and social differences, many organizations span global borders. Leaders need to manage a range of individual personalities, experiences, skills, and backgrounds. The best leaders use their skills and self-knowledge to leverage these differences and turn them into opportunities.


Innovative leaders push change on a number of fronts. They dream big. They have an insatiable curiosity. They make connections between disparate concepts. They encourage huge, game-changing ideas that disrupt industries. They also inspire employees to make smaller, everyday innovations to internal processes, services or products. A few years down the road, those changes can have a huge impact.


Visionary leaders are inspirational. Change is hard, but they work to gain the support of others to drive the strategic vision forward. They keep organizations focused, make tough decisions, and execute strategy, always aiming for clearly defined outcomes of performance and success.

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