Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

Broad Thinkers Rise Higher

As experienced business professionals, your employees may think they’ve seen it all. But do they have all the business tools needed to truly see the Big Picture? And just as important, do they have the vision to see themselves playing a larger role in your company’s success? With greater understanding, comes a more strategic view that provides measurable results for your business and a great confidence in your workforce.

Leading with Confidence

In an era where competition is fierce and stakes are high, it is more important than ever to develop employees who can effectively lead with long-term strategic objectives in mind and effective leadership starts with self-awareness. Understanding their emotional intelligence, these leaders operate in the best interests of the organization while maintaining accountability of direct reports. LFGSM has seen that employees who feel confident in their leaders will be secure enough to offer new ideas and opinions.

bullet Mad Leadership Skills: How Joe Madden's Emphasis on the Human Side of Baseball Can Help Business Leaders 
bullet Leading Change Development Program
bullet Executive Presence Development Program

Business Intelligence

Lake Forest Graduate School of Management understands that the future of business relies on its ability to be flexible to constant changes. Heightening an employee’s awareness, knowledge, and application of specific competencies, only serves to strengthen the organization as a whole. It encourages the organization to think more broadly about the work they and others do, and take pride in what they give back to their organization and its customers.

bullet Understanding and Using Big Data
bullet Business Acumen Development Program
bullet Presenting with Purpose Development Program
bullet Financial Acumen Development Program

Communicating with Influence

Leaders at all levels know the value of leveraging effective influencing skills. From seeking agreement on a course of action to maintaining momentum propelling new ideas, individuals who effectively influence colleagues to follow their lead are those most likely to drive results and get noticed.

bullet Unconscious Biases 
bullet Communicating with Influence Development Program 

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