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Make Change Work

Driving change is hard. It requires an organization’s leaders to be agile and effectively communicate a dynamic strategic vision to employees who execute tasks and achieve goals. To be effective, you must continuously evaluate successes and challenges – and acknowledge failures.

Creating a culture of innovation is integral to making change work is a need to create a culture of innovation within your organization.

To truly lead in the future of business, employees must make smaller, everyday innovations to internal processes, services or products. Whether it’s to Drive Change or to create a Culture of Innovation, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management has a long history of helping organizations assess their needs and produce lasting results that begin day one.

Driving Change

Organizations constantly undergo myriad, overlapping change initiatives. More than just “getting through it,” affected individuals must realize and embrace the reality of change. Organizational inertia is strong—change managers’ leadership must be stronger. They must build and communicate a clear and compelling vision to ensure employees are engaged and focused, not distracted and threatened.

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bullet Translating Strategy into Action Program

Culture of Innovation

Innovation no longer means working in white space. Everyday innovation is necessary to keep employees engaged and enthused about the work they do. A culture of innovation requires an organization to celebrate others achievements and experimentation in daily processes. The result of such a culture is an engagement from your workforce that propels you ahead of the curve and keeps you there.

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bullet Everyday Innovation Program
bullet Committing to Everyday Innovation - Leadership Model

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