Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

Build Better Leaders

Whether your organization’s future is aggressive growth or to maintain a long term development plan, the constant changes in today’s business world requires key individual contributors and managers to have the tools and knowledge necessary for the business to thrive. At Lake Forest Graduate School of Management (LFGSM), we believe that building better leaders is the key to an organization’s sustainability for today and the future of business.

Great Leaders Change Lives

For Corporate Learning Solutions (CLS), the LFGSM Leadership Model serves as a guide to enhance our Leadership Development Programs. We use the 5 elements of the model, Agility, Innovation, Self Awareness, Engaging Others, and Strategic Vision, to create programs that resonate within organizations. Each Leadership Development Program can be customized to an organization’s unique business needs to ensure their leaders achieve specific goals and outcomes.

bullet Emerging Leadership 
bullet Established Leadership
bullet Hi-Potential Leadership 
bullet Supervisory Leaders 
bullet Senior Leaders

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