Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

Corporate Learning Solutions That are All Business. And Delivers Results.

Great leaders transform lives. Everything we do is geared toward molding Broad Thinkers and Strong Leaders who balance day-to-day operations with developing, communicating, and directing long-term visions for their organizations. Today’s leaders need to speak with clarity, walk the walk, and understand the human element in all that they do.

Corporate Learning Solutions (CLS) helps leaders understand business, relate well with people, and deliver results. Through classroom and online applied education, CLS helps your employees gain the soft and hard leadership skills that drive business success and build employee satisfaction.

Leadership WheelLEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS are customized for every level of leadership from hi-potential to senior leaders and shaped using our Leadership Model.

Specialized Development ProgramsSPECIALIZED LEARNING PROGRAMS cover topics ranging from innovation to change management and are tailored to meet your business needs in a variety of formats and timeframes.

Coaching and AssessmentsASSESSMENT AND COACHING focus your leadership development and corporate learning goals, and set your organization on the path to achieve real results that make a difference.


LEADERSHIP SPEAKERS AND WORKSHOPS delivered by LFGSM CEO Jeff Anderson and LFGSM Business Leader Faculty® include interactive sessions on a variety of relevant business leadership topics.

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