Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

Make the Program Yours

For over 20 years, Corporate Learning Solutions (CLS) has been developing unique and customized content to fit your organization's specific business needs. We approach program development as a two way street. We know what works for business and you know what works best for your talent. Our customization elements are meant to be added on to any program, at any time, to enhance retention and the active learning process.

Every program is administered by us to provide a seamless experience. We run all aspects of the program from selecting faculty to creating program materials to troubleshooting. We adapt our programs to changing conditions, user feedback, and new directives to provide your participants with the most relevant content. 

LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - We use state-of-the-art systems and tools to make the learning experience easy and accessible to maximize your talent's participation in the program.

BUSINESS LEADER FACULTY - Our Business Leader Faculty© develop and lead all courses, drawing on their real-world expertise and adding a personal touch.

ACTIONS PROJECTS - We work with senior leaders to develop projects for participants that draw on program skills and address actual needs in your business.

TEAM BUILDING AND NETWORKING - We use group assignments and stimulate discussions so that participants will learn from each other and build their own teams and connections.

ASSESSMENTS & COACHING - Expert coaches interpret participant assessments and provide personalized mentoring to help participants grow their leadership skills.

LEARNING BURSTS - We develop short, online, on-demand learning modules to reduce the time spent in a classroom while maintaining interactivity and retention of participants.

AGILE LABS - We create opportunities for participants to think and act differently as teams work cross-functionally around common scenarios and identify actionable takeaways.

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