Specialized Learning Solutions: Translating Strategy into Action

Dr. Neil Holman Ph.D.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Lake Forest Graduate School of Management has a record of success that’s 70 years in the making. We did not make it to this level by going with the status quo – we make sure that our degree and Corporate Learning Solutions alumni are above the crowd, armed with the tools prepared to become leaders in the ever-evolving business community.

We put all those decades of experience into the Translating Strategy into Action program, part of our Corporate Learning Solutions (CLS) curriculum. The program provides participants with a framework to develop and execute a strategic vision that has widespread benefits for their organization.

Translating Strategy into Action is a two-day, classroom-based program designed for up to 20 participants. It is taught through three sessions the first day and two the second day.

The program has two goals. First, participants are taught to use strategic thinking to make better business decisions. These methods include helping business leaders understand their customers, deliverables, policies and procedures; and how to utilize resources. Once participants develop an intimate understanding of the audience they will impact, they are able to identify possible barriers and create alternate solutions when necessary.

Secondly, program participants develop a “playbook” that prepares them to cascade their strategy through every level of their business. To be effective at translating strategy into action, leaders must understand how to communicate their high-level strategic plans to their employees and explain how those plans benefit the business. In addition, students think creatively and are primed for potential barriers they may face immediately and down the road in their business.

“When participants complete the Translating Strategy into Action program, they are prepared to translate and map strategy into measurable business objectives and the necessary actions to execute,” said Carrie Buchwald, Vice President of Corporate Learning Solutions. “This program is one in Lake Forest’s large box of essential tools to enhance your team’s success.”

Lake Forest Graduate School of Management has delivered business education and leadership development since 1946. We utilize an integrated “one-stop-shop” approach to consultation, program development and delivery. From assessments and coaching to engaging action projects and customized content, we ensure that you and your employees are prepared to excel in a competitive market.

We are the only school in the Chicagoland area with 100% Business Leader Faculty®. They deliver critical and customized corporate learning and share their demonstrated record of success in their respective fields. If you want to advance your business by developing in critical skills in your team, explore LFGSM’s Corporate Learning Solutions programs or contact cls@lfgsm.edu.

neil-holman-blogNeil Holman, Ph.D. is the Dean of Corporate Learning Solutions at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. Neil has an extensive background in education, electronic publishing, and product development. Prior to joining Lake Forest, he served as Director of K-6 online products at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. For over seven years, he served in leadership positions, including Vice President at Encyclopaedia Britannica, where he helped create Britannica Online. For five years, Neil was as Executive Producer of a joint venture between IBM and World Book, creating all of the publisher’s CD-ROM and online products. Neil also has significant experience creating courses, managing programs, and teaching adult learners at higher learning institutions.



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