New Year, New Outlook

Jeff Anderson

Friday, January 02, 2015

The New Year is a wonderful time for reflection, outlook and renewal. As I look forward to the New Year at LFGSM, I find myself thinking a lot about the history of part-time MBA programs.

At most schools, the part-time MBA program was created to generate an additional revenue stream to help offset the ever escalating costs of supporting a research oriented faculty. However, little was done to adapt the program to the very real differences in the backgrounds and needs of the students. The curriculum was largely identical and it was delivered by the same faculty, the majority of whom were very far removed from the realities of applying the theories they teach.

The part-time programs almost always play second fiddle to their full-time program counterparts. They have smaller budgets, and the majority of the career assistance and almost all of the scholarship funds are dedicated to the full-time students. Even the alumni publications disproportionately recognize the accomplishments of full-time student alumni. Honestly, not much has changed.

That’s not the case at Lake Forest. We’ve been focused exclusively on providing part-time MBA degrees and management certificates for almost 70 years. And, with our expertise we’ve developed a high-impact, flexible program around the needs of working professionals that is substantially more affordable than other major programs in the area.

Lake Forest has close, long-term relationships with dozens of organizations in the Chicago area and understand what it takes to succeed in these environments. We’ve built the most experienced business school faculty in Chicago and take pride in the fact that our instructors are operating at senior levels in the disciplines they teach. They are able to help students quickly apply, and see the impact of, the things they are learning.

Our physical locations and technology solutions provide multiple options for students to fit class time into their dynamic schedules. They can participate in a class remotely without sacrificing the quality of the academic experience or the relationship building that is a key part of the MBA experience. We provide personal tutoring and our small class sizes allow faculty members to form personal relationships with their students and to serve as valuable coaches and mentors.

Lake Forest is a unique oasis in the world of part-time MBA education, and that’s why I’m excited to be part of the team. I look forward to the year ahead and to helping advance the careers of our students and alumni.



Jeff Anderson



Jeffrey J. Anderson
President & Chief Executive Officer,
Lake Forest Graduate School of Management




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