New Degree from LFGSM Combines Project Management and Leadership Skills

Dr. Bryan Watkins

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Join the project management movement with the newest degree from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management (LFGSM): the Master of Science in Project Leadership (MSPL). This unique degree combines a rich project management curriculum with our powerful coursework that emphasizes leadership skills and business acumen.

When you graduate with an MSPL, you’ll be prepared to be a strong leader who can make a positive impact by directing complex projects and diverse teams.

Why now?

In the next ten years, nearly 90 million project management professionals are needed worldwide. LFGSM understands this need for organizations as well as individuals looking to get into the field.

But often it can be hard to get the project management training you need.

Right now, seasoned project managers have many options. For example, LFGSM offers flexible programs to prepare individuals to earn the Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification, one of the most valued and respected credentials in project management.

However, individuals looking to break into the field of project management face a challenge. Without the 4,500 or more hours required to sit for the PMP® certification exam, they lack a credential to enter a project management position.

Who Should Consider the MSPL?

For those without the thousands of hours of experience, the MSPL prepares emerging and specialized leaders with indispensable and in-demand project management skills.

The MSPL is for business professionals from all backgrounds. Some people, like engineers, IT managers, and healthcare professionals are finding that their positions require more and more project management skills. Other individuals are project managers already, but as their responsibilities grow, they want to take on more of a leadership role.

Along with the MBAMaster of Science in Management (MSM), the MSPL integrates LFGSM’s unique leadership approach with the practical knowledge needed to deliver results on the job. Leadership skills are woven throughout each course, whether learning about project management principles, organizational dynamics, communication, or business strategy.


You should consider the MSPL if you:

  • Want to move into project management as a career.
  • Find that your current position requires more project management skills.
  • Are an experienced project manager looking to build broader business skills.
  • Need to be effective in project management right away, but also want to speak the language of business and leadership in the long term.
  • Are looking to build your skill set to be a leader in project management as well as in your organization.

The MSPL at LFGSM is backed by distinctive and impactful resources. In addition to developing your own leadership style with our Leadership Model, you learn from Business Leader Faculty® who bring both real-world experience and expert educational credentials to each course. And, as a working professional, you have extensive opportunities for flexibility in when and how you take your classes, whether they are in-person, online, or via live video conferencing.

Defining project management success

The demand for project management professionals is increasing. We understand the needs of both businesses and business professionals at LFGSM. It is our goal to ensure that the next generation of project managers have much more than a technical degree. We want them to have the business acumen and leadership skills to direct projects and people that result in positive change for both their companies and for industries worldwide.

Bryan J. Watkins, Ed.D.Dr. Bryan J. Watkins, Ed.D. is Chief Academic Officer and Vice President at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. Bryan has a breadth and depth of experience in multiple higher education institutions that includes direct responsibility for accreditation, faculty relations, and program and curriculum design and development, as well as virtual, hybrid, and face-to-face program delivery, admissions, marketing, and sales. He is a member of the School’s Leadership Team. Connect with him on LinkedIn.


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