LFGSM Alumni Spotlight: Kim Holland

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Kim Holland, Vice President of State Affairs for Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, recently graduated from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management (LFGSM) with an MBA degree. Holland represents Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan in the development of federal and state legislative and regulatory positions and issues. Within her field, she’s spearheaded key issues like state flexibility for exchanges and appropriate accounting treatment of the health insurance tax. After graduating as one of the program’s most engaged students, Holland was kind enough to sit down with our staff to share some advice for prospective students.

After a fortuitous business career of over thirty years, Kim Holland was looking to expand her education. She found herself approaching one of the final turns in her long-held career, and while she wasn’t looking for a career change, Holland ambitiously wanted to further enhance her perspective on leadership and grasp new developments to the technological infrastructure of organizations.

Since Holland often travels for her work, she needed a program that would allow her to attend classes remotely while creating a true classroom experience – with the ability to interact with students and professors. At Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, Holland found the sweet spot between quality classroom time and work flexibility.

“Nowadays, most people’s professions are pretty demanding. Having the flexibility to learn whenever and wherever you can is a great thing,” Holland shared. She took classes and studied from hotel rooms across the country and world, engaging with classmates and the class online in a meaningful way.

Holland believes that true leadership comes from valuable shared experiences with those of different backgrounds. And what better place to create those shared experiences than a classroom. “Leaders are not isolated,” she told us. “One thing education empowers you to do is meet other people and understand how they view the world and how that contributes to your view of the world. Academic learning is a very critical piece to that.”

As a veteran in business leadership, Holland said obtaining her MBA helped her learn about key elements of business she hadn’t fully appreciated before. Now, she’s informed in areas like business operations, finance, and technological infrastructure within organizations. She hopes this knowledge makes her a more valuable asset to her company and those with whom she interacts on a daily basis.

Holland’s experience at the LFGSM equipped her with a new, relevant skill set to meet the changing demands of her field – and also, reinforced her value of education in an ever-changing marketplace. “The most important thing is that leading is about setting a good example. It’s living those convictions that demonstrate to people that you care about them. That means engaging with people… and learning through others in the classroom with different perspectives.”

Kim Holland joins an extensive network of LFGSM alumni. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.


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