LFGSM Alumni Spotlight: Josefina Guillen

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Lake Forest Graduate School of Management (LFGSM) is committed to its alumni network of diverse and extraordinary professionals. For the LFGSM Alumni Spotlight, we had the pleasure of interviewing Josefina Guillen, a healthcare and operations Project Manager who has worked at such companies as Abbott, Pfizer, Hospira, Siemens, and Procter & Gamble.

Josefina received her MBA from LFGSM in 2015 with a focus in Operations, Lean Management, and Healthcare, and holds a Master’s degree in Quality Management and a BS in Chemical Engineering. Josefina discussed her time at LFGSM, the invaluable skills she learned, and how she’s applied those skills to her career.

Back to School

The idea of going back to school first crossed Josefina Guillen’s mind when she attended an LFGSM Leadership seminar that was organized in partnership with her then employer Hospira.

“During the seminar, LFGSM announced they were starting a certificate for Leadership,” Josefina said. “I already had a Master’s Degree, so I wasn’t thinking an MBA initially, but rather the certificate.”

Josefina’s decision to apply to the Leadership program was influenced by the quality of the presenters, the School’s professionalism, and the many coworkers who attended LFGSM. Through the LFGSM admissions process for the Leadership certificate, she became interested in and was accepted to the MBA Program as well and decided to pursue the degree.

Like many LFGSM students pursuing MBA degrees, Josefina has a degree in a non-business field and saw the value an MBA would have on her current skill set since she was constantly trying new and better ways to simplify processes throughout her career.

“I understood how to improve the process with operations (including healthcare) and other related areas. I wanted to take classes that would relate to my background and career, while also improving my thinking and application.”

Life and Times at LFGSM

LFGSM is dedicated to building strong relationships and networking channels through its various students, groups, events, and Business Leadership Faculty®. Josefina’s experience at LFGSM was so impactful because her classes consisted of other working professionals. From finance and legal to marketing, students are given the opportunity to see how people with very different backgrounds think about questions and business topics.

“The most significant value that I received from LFGSM was not only attending class with people in the same industry as me, but also who had different expertise,” Josefina said. “I was able to see their perspective on different topics and decision making.”

A Leader Today

As a woman in a leadership role in an industry wrought with men, Josefina found a newfound confidence during her time at LFGSM. Through leading presentations and group projects as well as the knowledge acquired, she became a stronger leader with an advanced skill set.

“My skills have been applied to my everyday experiences,” said Josefina. “I lead projects. I am constantly needing to work with a team to reach certain goals. And, when I am not directly managing, I still need to be able to influence people on why some decisions and strategies make sense.”

Positioning herself in the healthcare industry as someone who understands the impact a patient has on decision making, has given Josefina an extra skill as she leads teams and executes projects. Because of her time at LFGSM, Josefina is a broader thinker with stronger analytical skills. She has the toolset she needs to lead, along with the ability to ask the right questions to get the results needed. Questions such as How can we benefit and help our customers and patients first and foremost? Allow her to keep the customer focus the priority.

“The MBA program at LFGSM helped me to be able to see things from so many different perspectives and look at situations through different lens of so many different business topics. It also gave me the agility to make decisions and improve processes that have an impact on people’s lives and on the company’s bottom line,” Josefina said, “and I think that is one of the greatest benefits of the School.”
LFGSM is proud to count Josefina Guillen, an exceptional healthcare leader, among our alumni. For further discussion and valuable business insight from Josefina, connect with her on LinkedIn.


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