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Friday, March 10, 2017

The Lake Forest Graduate School and Crain’s ExecEdge program brings in leaders who’ve built businesses, steered major brands, and commanded critical missions.

What better way to learn innovation than from a serial entrepreneur? Why not apply leadership skills from space – brought to you by a NASA astronaut?

Each full-day session of Crain’s ExecEdge with the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management (LFGSM) connects today’s experienced and high potential business executives together with some of the most inspiring leaders in the country. They focus on topics that help learners rise above the competition by building relationships, innovating, and driving a strategic vision.

These outstanding leaders include:

Michael T. Good. NASA astronaut and retired U.S. Air Force Colonel Michael T. Good has used his high level of self-awareness to make split-second, life-altering decisions on a regular basis, whether completing missions in space or logging more than 3,000 hours in more than 30 different aircraft. Mr. Good currently serves in NASA’s Commercial Crew program, managing public-private partnerships to advance the reality of commercial space travel.

Justin Walker. Employing “extreme agility” is just another day at the office for Justin Walker. A special warfare veteran of the Navy, Mr. Walker excels at leading teams under pressure. After 12 years of extensive Naval Special Operations management, he is currently the executive director of Bunker Labs, a national not-for-profit that empowers other military veterans as entrepreneurs and innovators.

Russ Klein. Named the 2000s “Advertiser of the Decade” by ADWEEEK, Mr. Klein has created and executed strategic visions for world-renowned brands such as Gatorade, McDonalds and United Airlines. Currently the CEO of the American Marketing Association, his 25-year track record includes leading marketing teams in Fortune-100 corporations as well as major advertising agencies.

Paul W. Hamann. As the president of The Night Ministry, Mr. Hamann is a master at inspiring and engaging others to work towards a common goal. Mr. Hamann has dedicated his life to helping the most vulnerable in today’s society, including working in prior leadership positions at the Chinatown Youth Center (CYC) and the West Coast Region of the Institute of International Education.

Howard A. Tullman. Howard A. Tullman helped put Chicago on the map as a hub for innovation. In addition to founding and running two high-tech, early-stage venture funds, Mr. Tullman is the CEO of 1871, a Chicago-based incubator for more than 500 digital startups. He’s also an advisor of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s ChicagoNEXT Innovation Council, and Governor Bruce Rauner’s Innovate Illinois Advisory Council, and the National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NACIE).

LFGSM has combined these incredible speakers and a unique leadership development program utilizing the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management Leadership Model to create the Crain’s ExecEdge program. Lake Forest can do the same for your organization. Learn more about our Corporate Learning Solutions.

Read more about how LFGSM and Crain’s ExecEdge can help you and your business gain the edge you need.


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