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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Environmental awareness was once something that was a characteristic of some of the more obscure societal groups.   After a number of serious environmental, nuclear and oil spill disasters the public opinion about the environment (and an impetus to protect it) began.   The concept that the environment was limitless began to shift and a new era of awareness and replacing wasteful practices in business for more sustainable, ecologically friendly ones.

The integrity shift toward green business had an unexpected side effect.  Consumers enjoyed purchasing products from businesses that demonstrated a commitment to green practices.  In fact from a retail perspective, most consumers avidly embraced businesses they deemed to be environmentally responsible.  This created an additional incentive for businesses to evaluate their practices, make changes and then ensure that their eco-friendly methods were transparent to potential customers.  It paid to be green and that is a trend that continues to grow in tandem with global environmental awareness.

It is fast becoming necessary for companies to go green if they want to stay competitive.  Consumers are beginning to choose brand loyalty based upon companies that choose to be environmentally responsible.  Going green regardless of the size of your business is something that is manageable by incorporating small changes to your facility, production methods or employee procedures and programs.

      • Recycle your paper and organic waste.
      • Switch to post consumer waste paper products and packaging.
      • Switch to LED lights.  Although LED lights have a higher purchase price, they last longer and are energy efficient.
      • Eliminate paper and use electronic methods to deliver correspondence.
      • Use video conference for team meetings when collaborating remotely.  Reduce the pollution caused by commuting to scheduled meetings.
      • Conduct an energy audit to see where you can eliminate costs within your facility.
      • Reduce or eliminate nighttime lighting in your office or building to save energy.

Going green demonstrates to consumers, the public and other companies that you are interested in taking a leadership role by reducing your organization’s carbon footprint.    

A simple action, such as the decision to reduce the amount of paper produced by the company can have a significant impact to the level of savings you can look forward to.   Not only can businesses feel good (and look good) about making more sustainable choices for the environment, they can also enjoy significant savings on expense. 



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