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Friday, July 22, 2016

Here at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management we believe it takes a leader to make a leader. Steve Rudnick, LFGSM alumnus and Business Leader Faculty® of over 20 years, exemplifies this concept. Steve is an expert in operations management and management analytics, and has designed and delivered countless interactive training programs to LFGSM students. In addition to being an LFGSM faculty member, he was recently appointed as the Director of Legal Spend Management at Quislex, after over 20 years of legal spend management, operations, and analytics experience.

Steve is a strong proponent of data-driven approaches and believes that collecting and leveraging accurate data can lead to significant opportunities in expense reductions, budget forecasting, increased billing compliance, and a number of other advantages. However, what makes Steve so successful, and perhaps somewhat of a unique leader in management analytics, is his entrepreneurial approach. “Within large organizations it is often difficult to innovate; however that exact principle propels organizations to new levels,” Steve shared. “As long as you are always striving to improve or always searching for innovative ways to accomplish the business goal you can drive your respective business unit to new heights.”

Steve’s entrepreneurial mindset is ideal for his new role at Quislex, a notoriously innovative company, where he intends to combine the power of technology, cost-effective programs, efficient processes, and his expertise in legal spend data to drive down the company’s overall legal spend.

Bringing Analytics to the Classroom

Steve does not hesitate to bring his impressive background in data analytics and operations management into the classroom. But rather than lecturing his students on theories and principles, Steve facilitates the practical application of relevant skills. As he tells his students, “it’s the application of the learned LFGSM principles that create value in your respective organizations.”

At LFGSM, we like to say that if you want to know that lies ahead, ask someone coming back down the path. As a LFGSM graduate, Steve is very familiar with the path that his students are currently on. Twenty years later, Steve credits his experience as an MBA student as an invaluable asset in his success. “LFGSM ultimately taught me to never stop learning, challenging myself, and valuing collaboration and other’s viewpoints. The various positions [I have held] have all presented different challenges and I’m happy to say that many of my LFGSM learnings have been invaluable in overcoming the challenges.”

We believe that great business leaders such as Steve have the power to change lives inside and outside of the classroom. He has helped shape countless leaders through his commitment to sharing his real world experience with his students. We are glad LFGSM has been such a critical part of Rudnick’s leadership journey and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for him in his new job and for his students.

To learn more about Steve, connect with him on LinkedIn.


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