Lake Forest and Crain’s Academy Launch Team Build 2.0

Barbara Siegel

Friday, February 09, 2018

Lake Forest Graduate School of Management is looking forward to another year of collaborating with Crain’s Academy by launching Crain’s Team Build 2.0. A strong team is critical to driving organizational growth and success in today’s dynamic world. This workshop will help you and your team become more productive, collaborative, and results focused, contributing to your team’s ability to thrive in the workplace.

Crain’s Team Build 2.0 is an immersive and challenging two-day workshop that focuses on the communication and collaboration skills that are necessary for business teams to function in a highly effective manner. Inspired by the ‘Engaging Others’ element of Lake Forest Graduate School of Management’s (LFGSM) Leadership Model, this workshop focuses on creating leaders and team members who are able to achieve success through managing a range of individual personalities, experiences, skills, and backgrounds. Participants will meet on Wednesday, May 9, and Thursday, May 10, at Crain’s downtown Chicago location.

Team Build 2.0 is led by LFGSM’s Business Leader Faculty® and Board of Directors member Patricia Coffey. Patricia teaches leadership courses for Corporate Learning Solutions at LFGSM and recently retired as the Senior Vice President of Technology and Group CIO at Allstate Insurance Company. With nearly four decades of experience working in and leading diverse teams at Allstate, we are honored to have Patricia lead this program.

Crain’s Team Build 2.0 participants will gain the tools needed to:

  • Advance change amid uncertainty
  • Fit into the big picture
  • Super-charge an innovative mindset and culture change
  • Communicate and build relationships
  • Build and sustain teams in a virtual environment
  • Increase effectiveness of each team member

This workshop is designed for team leaders and members alike. Ideally, at least two members of the team will be present. Teams can be from mid-manager to senior management but have in common that they are from mid-size companies and are intent on learning ways to work better within their teams and with external teams to deliver on company strategy and increase profitability.

Lake Forest is committed to providing leadership development and strategic growth opportunities for our students, corporate partners, business professionals, and the community. This innovative open enrollment program leverages the best of our graduate level business education and cutting-edge Corporate Learning Solutions to propel careers to the next level.

If you’re looking to advance your career, engage with other professionals, and develop tools to grow as a team member and leader, visit or contact Amy Shivvers at 312-649-5472 or

Barb Siegel Senior Director Marketing, LFGSMBarb Siegel is the Senior Director of Marketing at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. Barb is a strategic marketing professional with a proven track record of driving profitable top-line growth. She has worked in diverse environments including consumer package goods, pharmaceuticals, image-oriented products and not-for-profit higher education. In addition to leading the Marketing Department, Barb is a member of the School’s Leadership Team. Connect with her on LinkedIn.


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