The Power of Assessments and Coaching

Barbara Siegel

Monday, August 22, 2016

Developing talent in an organization requires identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement. More often than not, employees need tools, guidance, and accountability to get measurable personal development results. Fortunately, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management’s (LFGSM) Corporate Learning Solutions has the assessment tools and coaching expertise to we meet your organization’s needs and help you grow.

Our Corporate Learning Solutions (CLS) team is dedicated to partnering with organizations to help them develop and achieve their desired results. Carrie Buchwald, Vice President of CLS, says, “Assessments and coaching are essential tools to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your talent and how to address your business needs. That’s why both are integral components of LFGSM Leadership Development Programs for all levels of employees.”

Assessments give valuable insights into professional dynamics both at the individual and team level. As Neil Holman, the Dean of Corporate Learning Solutions explains, “The business world is all about working with people. Assessments can help individuals understand their own strengths and preferences, and those of their team. That can lead to making adjustments that can improve productivity, and also the atmosphere in which people work.” Neil recommends using only those instruments that have been judged valid and reliable by respected academic evaluators.

While assessments provide detailed insights into personal and team dynamics, coaching fosters an environment of personal development as a leader. Our experienced coaches streamline the assessment process and get to the core of what the results mean. Coaching helps you understand what the data means for you and your business, yielding customized, actionable solutions. What’s more, individuals and teams that are coached to perform, rather than managed to perform, are more personally invested and committed to adopting lasting change that drives results.

Carrie Buchwald believes in the power of coaching to help accelerate performance. She says, “We have seen high potential leaders who participate concurrently in individual coaching and leadership development programs accelerate their ability to drive business results and create the necessary followership to be ready for the next level position.”

Carrie says the addition of personalized coaching is a catalyst for accelerated personal development. “It yields positive changes for both the coaches and those around them,” she explains. “The ROI in coaching is high when measured by improved business results, employee satisfaction, and reduced direct report turnover. These measures are the result of hundreds of actions and interactions by leaders every day. Coaching is critical to understanding and addressing behaviors, both personal accelerators and derailers that can impact individual and organizational performance.”

With over 20 years of experience delivering Corporate Learning Solutions in the Chicagoland area and beyond, we offer a full range of assessments that are proven to provide the data needed to develop effective coaching solutions. Assessments are conducted by well-trained professional facilitators and deliver actionable results. By focusing on what matters, these assessments and customized coaching lift your people and energize your teams, giving them the skills, tools, and motivation to advance your organization.

To learn more about CLS and the programs offered, visit or contact the team at or 847-574-5322.


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