Alumni Profile: Jesse Marymont

Barbara Siegel

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Our students have different reasons for seeking an MBA from the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. Some are business owners looking for leadership training and others are managers or subject matter experts looking to advance within their company. All of them come together to and gain the principles and best practices to achieve their goals from our faculty and fellow students. Our Class of 2012 Valedictorian, Dr. Jesse Marymont, an anesthesiologist for North Shore University Health System in Glenview, had his own unique path to LFGSM.

After 20 years in the medical field, Jesse had reached a crossroads. He could either ride out his career on his stellar reputation or take his education to the next level. With the health care system facing big changes, Dr. Marymont felt his “little world was being squeezed” by the bigger world around him. He realized he needed a different set of skills to help understand and respond to future challenges. It was then he decided to start his MBA journey with Lake Forest.

“I had no appreciation of economics, marketing or organizational behavior,” Jesse said. “I had to be proactive in order to avoid becoming a dinosaur in a changing world.”

Some called Dr. Marymont’s desire to start business school a “mid-life” crisis. He jokingly agrees, “It’s possible.” However, Jesse doesn’t think his situation is unique. He believes many people struggle with the same issue – change. No matter how people earn their living, uncertainty seems to be the only rule.

The skills he learned at Lake Forest were different than his medical education. Faculty and fellow classmates encouraged him to step out of his comfort zone and embrace new ways of thinking. Having only been conditioned to best communicate in an operating room, he broadened his skills to communicate in an environment best-suited to a leader in the healthcare system.

Jesse says, “Through my interactions at Lake Forest, I learned to be a better communicator. In the past, too often I would speak first and deal with the consequences later. I now recognize the importance of listening first, thinking second and speaking third. We have been given two ears and only one mouth for a reason.”

Being pushed out of his comfort zone and sticking his foot in his mouth “more times than he likes to admit,” Jesse realized he had been resistant to change. Transitioning from the individual learning style in college and medical school to the team-oriented performance in business school allowed him to listen, embrace change and encourage flexibility.

As a result of his education and overall understanding of business in medicine, Jesse was named Chief Compliance Officer of his department. He now guides a team of 45 anesthesiologists, 64 certified registered nurse anesthetists and more than 40 medical residents to help the medical center achieve its mission-critical goal of assuring patients receive better, faster and more cost-effective care.

Jesse also stays engaged with the LFGSM community, serving on committees to improve the curriculum for students interested in healthcare.


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