2016 Lake County Leaders Summit

LFGSM Marketing

Thursday, April 21, 2016

This month Lake Forest Graduate School of Management (LFGSM) CEO and President Jeff Anderson participated in Lake County’s 3rd Annual Leaders Summit. The Leaders Summit attracted more than 175 government, business, academic, and civic leaders to share innovative ideas and best practices, and to collaborate on how to make Lake County prosperous and successful–with a focus on job creation and economic growth.

Anderson was one of six panelists–which included experts from the education field, private sector, and workforce development–who led an informative discussion on Strengthening our Workforce Ecosystem. The panel focused on ways Lake County can build programs and strategies to attract and retain more businesses to set up local operations as well as talent to fill open positions.

A focal point of the panel was Lake Forest Graduate School of Management’s unique positioning in Lake County as not only a university, but a resource for the community that engages with local businesses to learn about and find ways to meet their needs and goals.

“We have this account management team,” said Anderson, “that goes out and talks to dozens of businesses every day about what they need and we are then able to respond to their needs with customized programs.”

So what do these businesses want? The ability to build and sustain relationships while also shaping the next generation of business leaders in Lake County.

In order to prepare younger generations for leadership positions, the question of the “apprenticeship model” came up among panelists.  Some may view apprentices as somewhat of a dying breed, but Anderson and the LFGSM community recognized the value and indispensable life lessons that these practitioners add to the business ecosystem,

“We use it [the apprenticeship model],” Anderson said. “It’s really who we are. Our alumni come back [to teach], our faculty are in the business world, and we help build the next generation of business leaders.”

A strong, healthy business ecosystem requires each network of business, workforce, academia and government to be interconnected and collaborative to succeed and Lake County is committed to doing just that.

To learn more about Lake County’s 3rd Annual Leaders Summit, visit their website. You can also watch the full panel discussion here.



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