March, 2015

How to Maximize Business Networking and Communication: First Friday Event Discussion

LFGSM Marketing

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Business professionals are attending more networking events and using online tools and social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ to find and connect with other professionals within their industry or sector. With more technology and tools to help us network, you would think that it has become easier to meet other professionals and mentors.

If we are meeting more peers than ever before, why is it that so many people find it difficult to expand on their professional networks in a meaningful way?  The return on investment for time spent cultivating business connections is to gain advice, referrals and new opportunities from those connections.


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Collaborative Leadership in the Workplace

Lake Effects Blog

Friday, March 06, 2015

When discussing leadership strategies for the workplace, the term “collaborative leadership” surfaces frequently. It is a methodology that is essential to the success of all businesses regardless of product, service or niche, and has less to do with manager versus employee than employee versus employee engagement.

The goal of collaborative leadership is to eliminate the biggest threat to business productivity; the silo mentality. Businesses are now realizing that the ability to recruit star players to your organization does not ensure success if those players are not encouraged to collaborate as a team. Or if they are not shown how to value inspiration and innovation from all possible sources.


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