Distinguished Faculty Award

Remo Picchietti Honored with 2013 Distinguished Faculty Award

During the ceremonies, Ellen McMahon, LFGSM Dean of Faculty Relations & Degree Programs, introduced Remo Picchietti as the Distinguished Faculty Award for 2013. The Award is granted annually to a member of the faculty in recognition of excellence in inspiring and motivating students, commitment to academic excellence, intellectual rigor, teaching enthusiasm and integrity in student relationships.

“His professional and educational experience gives him the grounding necessary to teach at LFGSM. Clearly, Remo has the professional expertise to be a leader in our community,” said McMahon. “But listen to what his students say about him.” She then shared many glowing comments from Picchietti’s students, who among other qualities praised him for being a “highly energetic and passionate instructor who engages and challenges his class at every session” and “a tremendous resource” who “respects the students and relates real world, relevant instruction.”

Remo PicchiettiAccepting the award and addressing the Class of 2013, Picchietti urged the graduates to hold firm to the spirit of mutual support and collaboration that has carried them through their MBA program. He told them they are prepared to lead because they now understand “in this shrinking but glorious world, the importance of accommodation, adaptability and flexibility. Your future success will continue to require this support of, and for, others.”

Picchietti is an Operating Partner at Seneca Partners. He is a global trade executive with 25 years of field experience in most major global markets and in more than 100 countries.

He teaches courses in Global Business and Cultural Diversity, Global Marketing, and Strategic Management. This year, he led the Global Practica students to Asia. In addition to serving on the School’s Change Management Certificate Council, he is also bringing his expertise to the next iterations of the Global Business and Global Practica courses currently in development.

Picchietti holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Drake University and received his MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. He has been a member of the LFGSM faculty since 2000.