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Jeff AndersonThe experience and degree programs offered at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management are designed to identify and hone the leadership skills you need to succeed. 

As you navigate this guide, you will see stories from our students, alumni, and faculty that illustrate how the Great Leaders Change Lives philosophy we embrace informs the career and life paths of leaders in our LFGSM community.

I encourage you to take the next step. See how LFGSM can amplify your potential. 

- Jeff Anderson, President and CEO of Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

Welcome Prospective Students!

Explore ways to pursue your goals at Lake Forest and understand how we can help you grow as a leader. See how we make it easy to go from interested to enrolled.

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Leading with Lake Forest

Three Graduates

Every student at LFGSM aspires to grow personally and professionally into a leader in their organization.

We cultivate Broad Thinkers and Strong Leaders who make a difference. Leadership is the cornerstone of our degree programs and integrated throughout our curriculum, ensuring that no matter what course you are in, you are focused on how to use your skills to be an agile leader who advances strategy, innovation and your organization.

You will share your experience with like-minded people from a variety of backgrounds who deliver business contributions in their daily work lives. We welcome you to explore a highly collaborative classroom environment where your knowledge will enrich the conversation.

More Options. LESS STRESS.

Lake Forest gives you real business learning while you are dealing with real life. We shape graduate degrees around your work, your life, and your goals.

Our location and attendance options that keep you engaged in learning. Classes are offered in-person at our Lake Forest Campus and Schaumburg location, and all classes are available online. Students can also attend class sessions, view recorded classes, and enjoy one-on-one contact with faculty via live, interactive video technology.

Supporting Your Investment

Our flexibility starts from day one. We realize that financing your graduate degree is a very important consideration. LFGSM offers help securing traditional funding like private and federal loans, employer tuition reimbursement benefits, and scholarship opportunities. We also recognize the hard work you've already put in to your career and offer course credit for professional certifications

Degree Program Options

All of our graduate degree courses are built around core leadership and business acumen courses. Start with these courses and determine the degree path that fits your career goals.

Leadership MBA. Our Leadership Master in Business Administration gives you the tools, judgment, and focus to become a multi-faceted, skilled leader. Work alongside professional from diverse backgrounds to take on real-world business challenges. Think beyond your current skill area and become an asset to your organization - and expand your career.

Master of Science in Management (MSM). The MSM is designed to help you develop the leadership and management skills you need to advance as a business leader. The program covers three primary focuses - leadership, business fundamentals, and human capital management - with courses to prepare you to successfully lead teams and help them grow.

Master of Science in Project Leadership (MSPL). The MSPL prepares students to excel at the intersection of project management and leadership. The MSPL program emphasizes the skills and traits needed to effectively deliver results while leading project initiatives and diverse teams.


Stop Dreaming. Start Doing.

Let us be a resource. Through a variety of opportunities to learn more about the graduate business degree programs at Lake Forest, you can connect with the Admissions staff, current students, alumni, and faculty members. 

Our streamlined, rolling admissions process focuses on your experience and ambitions. There is no test stopping your from starting the process.

Stop waiting for the "perfect time" to start. Schedule an admissions appointment today.


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It Takes a Leader To Make a Leader

Learn with top business leaders. Our 100% Business Leader Faculty® are CEO’s, CFO's, Partners, Vice Presidents and Entrepreneurs.  They’re making a difference and are passionate about sharing their knowledge, skills and daily experiences so that you can immediately apply what you learned.


Check Out This TedTalk by Business Leader Faculty: Sangita Kasturi

Faculty Profile: Michael Baskin

Changing Lives. Every Day.

Alumnus Profile: Al Spector

Success in the business world is not only about what you know, but who you know. At LFGSM you work with classmates who excel in a variety of fields across business sectors. From over 20,000 alumni, high ranking Business Leader Faculty® and C-suite level board members from international corporations, you are joining a powerful community that extends beyond the classroom.