Lake Forest Graduate School Admissions

At Lake Forest Graduate School of Management you learn business from business in an engaged community. We pride ourselves on building relationships and responding to the needs of our professional students.

Our Business Leader Faculty® share their experience with a student body of working professionals who possess the leadership qualities, communication skills, motivation and ability to contribute to an engaging degree program here at LFGSM.

Graduate school admissions to Lake Forest’s MBA program are determined in part by a candidate’s commitment to the ideals of leadership, communication, contribution, and motivation.

  • Leadership Potential and Professional Experience

    Our students demonstrate leadership potential right from the beginning of the program. We consider both professional experience and past achievements when assessing applications. While we recommend four years of professional experience, the quality of accomplishments, clear career growth and goals are even more significant. We are looking for self-confident individuals who actively seek opportunities to improve themselves.

  • Verbal and Written Communication Skills

    Effective communication is a vital skill for business leaders. Our students are thoughtful listeners who consider colleagues’ perspectives and clearly articulate their ideas, whether verbally or in writing. Successful Lake Forest MBA applicants display the ability to confidently interact with peers and supervisors. They communicate fluently on a wide range of subjects in a professional business context.

  • Ability to Contribute to the Lake Forest Experience

    A substantial part of the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management experience is shaped by interaction with classmates and faculty. Our candidates actively participate in classroom discussions, work collaboratively outside of class, and expand their professional relationships with colleagues. During the graduate school admissions process we identify career-oriented applicants eager to share their professional experiences, work in teams, and apply new business skills.

  • Intellectual Ability and Motivation

    Lake Forest Graduate School of Management students are ready to expand their minds and their careers. In addition to a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, accepted students display a desire to grow professionally and personally. They demonstrate an established knowledge base that allows them to make connections between class assignments and work experience. Our versatile students master analytical and quantitative concepts while employing their innate good judgment to make prudent business decisions.

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