Master of Science in Management Courses & Curriculum

The Master of Science in Management Program covers three primary focuses - leadership, business fundamentals, and human capital management - with courses developed to prepare you to successfully lead teams and help them grow. Your journey culminates with the Team Capstone Experience where you will have the opportunity to draw on what you have learned to craft and execute a strategy within a live business case.

Leadership Focus

Business Fundamentals

Human Capital

Capstone Course: CAP 5370 Team Capstone Experience

This capstone course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to apply and integrate knowledge and skills acquired in the degree program. The emphasis is on the holistic perspective of the CEO/General Manager in crafting a business strategy and operational recommendations. The student will use acquired team and leadership skills to successfully craft and deliver the recommendations within a “live business case” experience with a real company. Strategic management and leadership issues are explored and applied within the contexts of stakeholder value, ethical decision-making, innovation, and strategic thinking.