Organizational Behavior Specialization DEgree

In order to truly facilitate change in the workplace, it is important to understand personal and organizational growth as well as performance to diagnose the functional or dysfunctional impact of strategic intent, culture, and leadership behaviors on organizational change. Lake Forest Graduate School of Management allows you to develop these skills further. We offer an Organizational Behavior degree specialization which focuses your curriculum on management in the greater context of organizations.

In this Leadership MBA specialization, you will acquire the skills necessary to understand the complexities of managing entire organizations by integrating external analysis, internal analysis, competitive analysis, determining strategic alternatives, execution, and strategic control.

LMBA Organizational Behavior Degree Specialization Courses Include:


Popular Industries for MBA Graduate with an Organizational Behavior Specialization:

  • Human Resources (Government, Manufacturing, Healthcare, etc.)

  • Development & Training Management (Finance, IT, Consumer Goods, etc.)

  • Management Consulting


The Lake Forest Leadership MBA is the perfect solution for someone in the Chicago area with a busy career who is also looking to enhance their skills or broaden their business horizons, offering a mix of on campus and online courses to fit most any schedule. This LMBA Organizational Behavior degree specialization will help you expand your understanding of how to manage an organization or business from the perspective of the executive managers.

If you would like to find out more about the Leadership MBA and the LMBA Organizational Behavior specialization, sign-up to attend the next LMBA preview event in the Chicago Area today!