Jeff Anderson Leadership Workshops

Leadership Development

What Kind of Leader Are You?
How would others describe your leadership? Do you know what qualities are working well and what may be holding back the business or your potential? What changes could you make to unleash the real power of your organization?

The Workshop:
Each participant will complete a simple 15-minute online assessment in advance of the leadership session. During the workshop, the results will be used to help each person better understand and honestly explore his/her leadership behaviors. Each person will leave with an individual report summarizing their tendencies as well as a short list of opportunities to enhance their leadership effectiveness.


The Role of a Leader: What do Followers Really Want?
What if we looked at leadership through the eyes of those we wish to lead? What would they tell us is most important and how would it change how we approach leading?

The Workshop:

This interactive session leveraging the work of James Kouzes and Barry Posner, helps participants fundamentally rethink their approach to leadership. This workshop is extremely helpful for those who are struggling with the ever increasing time demands of a business or are moving into a larger general management role.


Leadership Derailment: Do You Know Your Risks?

We all know talented individuals or great businesses that never reach their full potential. What is it that holds them back and becomes their greatest obstacle? While the formula for effective leadership is at best murky, the sources of failure are well known.

The Workshop:

This session explores the sources of “derailment” and provides each participant with a clear sense of their primary risks.


Could You Step Back from the Business Today?

Do you sometimes feel like a slave to your business or job and hope that others will step up? Is your team or business ready for you to move away from the day-to-day operational details? Could you be contributing to the problem? What changes or adjustments would you have to make to see an improvement or transformation within your job or company?

The Workshop:

Using a simple assessment and discussion, this session will help participants gauge organizational readiness and identify the key roadblocks they face. It will also lay out a simple model that can be used to get the organization on the right path to real continuity and sustainability.


Talent Management

Talent Selection: The Lowest Batting Average in Business

Every business and business leader struggles with talent selection. How many times have you reflected on a critical hiring decision gone bad and thought, “He looked great on paper and the interview was fantastic, so what happened?” Why is it so challenging for businesses and business leaders to pick the right candidates for a role? Is it just impossible to get a good read on people before they join the organization? Or is there something fundamentally wrong with the system?

The Workshop:

Through a series of interactive exercises and discussions, this session will reveal the issue at the heart of most of the challenges we face when choosing talent. The information we unearth will cause you to fundamentally rethink your talent evaluation and recruiting processes, and raise the success rate for this critical business activity.


What’s Up with Feedback?

Feedback is one of the most important tools available to any leader, and it is something that almost everyone wants more of. Academic researchers and traditional employee engagement surveys point to the fact that most leaders avoid giving feedback and when they do, it’s done poorly. In fact, compelling research demonstrates that almost 40% of the feedback delivered in the workplace makes the situation worse, not better.

The Workshop:

This session illustrates why almost everything we have been taught about delivering effective feedback is misguided and uses powerful scientific evidence to create a more reliable and effective way to use this key tool.



Relationship Building for Success

Relationships are critical to any endeavor, and the inability to build and sustain them is one of the primary reasons for business and leadership failure. But, what really matters when building, growing and developing these relationships? The science is clear and compelling, but it requires us to work against some strong human tendencies.

The Workshop:

This session will review the scientific evidence and help participants make some simple changes that will yield great results and, ultimately, greater connections.