BUS 5843 Global Focus

(3 semester hours credit)

Students gain an understanding of business operations beyond the US with sensitivity to and awareness of international and cross-cultural differences. Combining traditional, classroom-based learning with rigorous in-country experiential learning, the Global Focus enables students to identify business growth opportunities, as well as the challenges that these offer, in an innovative and flexible framework. Students analyze and compare key elements of the operational aspects of business functions outside the US. Beyond cultural differences, the comparison will focus on the organization, management, economics, resource production, and delivery of goods and/or services. (Additional Student Cost)

Required Course Prerequisite: 5160 or Dean approval.

Students must register with LFGSM Registrar and travel partner WorldStrides 60 days before term begins. There is a 15-student minimum required to conduct course. Due to enrollment requirements, LFGSM advises that students book airfare when course is confirmed. Students are responsible for booking their own airfare, processing visa applications and in-country ground transportation between airport and hotel. (WorldStrides offers optional upgrade services: visa processing, and in-country ground transportation between airport and hotel.) Standard LFGSM course tuition and fees apply (payable to LFGSM). There is a supplemental International travel fee based on location, (payable to travel partner – WorldStrides), which includes hotel, daily breakfast, in-country ground transportation for planned events, and boxed meals during scheduled visits.