5843 Graduate Study Abroad to Warsaw, Poland

Spring 2 Term
Accepting Registrations through: March 1, 2019
Class Session 1: May 8, 2019
Class Session 2: May 15, 2019

Travel Experience: May 25 - June 1, 2019
Class Session 3: June 12, 2019

LFGSM Faculty Lead: Remo Picchietti

Poland is a post-communist country that bridges Western and
Eastern Europe. Europe’s 6th largest economy and a member
of the European Union and NATO, Poland is a growing global
player thanks to tourism, economic liberalization, and EU

Innovation in R&D, manufacturing, and tech drive a high rate
of foreign investment. Poland’s economic reach is growing as
it faces political pressure to maintain democratic standards
and rule of law.

Warsaw is the capital of Poland and home to nearly two
million people. Historic and modern, the centuries-old city is a
popular tourist destination and economic center. 

  • In-country Travel Experience
    • 1 country, 1 week
    • 1 consulting project for each group/team
    • 5 business visits that support consulting project
    • Participants may petition the Dean for a specialized consulting project 

    Travelers must register with LFGSM Registrar and accredited travel partner WorldStrides, no later than 60 days before term begins. There is a 10 traveler minimum required to conduct course. Due to enrollment requirements, 
    LFGSM advises that travelers book airfare when course is confirmed on March 1, 2019. Travelers are responsible for booking their own airfare, (processing visa applications when applicable) and in-country ground transportation between airport and hotel. WorldStrides offers optional upgrade services: (visa processing when applicable), and in-country ground transportation between airport and hotel.

  • FEES
    LFGSM Standard Course Tuition applies. LFGSM Alumni are eligible for half-price discounted course tuition.

    Supplemental International Travel Fee is $2,600 (payable to accredited travel partner WorldStrides). 

    Scheduling & Purchase of Airfare
    Valid Passport with 3 empty pages
    Visa/Country Entry fees (when applicable)
    Transportation to and from airports & hotels
    WorldStrides offers optional upgrade services: visa processing for non-US citizens that need assistance, and in-country ground transportation between airport and hotel.

    Supplemental International Travel Fee (payable to WorldStrides) is $2,600 for 2019.

    Supplemental International travel fee includes: hotel, daily breakfast, in-country ground transportation for planned events, and boxed meals during scheduled visits.

    For more information, contact REGISTRAR@LFGSM.EDU.