FIN 5848 Global Finance


(3 semester hours credit) HRCI Certification Badge

Students examine the volatility found in the global financial markets, with the understanding that companies that operate internationally need to remain agile to keep pace as the global economy trends toward greater integration and interdependency. Students develop an advanced and in-depth understanding of the innovative financial tools that can help resolve the challenges of global expansion and an increased awareness of emerging global risks and ever-changing global capital markets. Focusing on the global financial and macroeconomic environment, topics such as foreign exchange markets, management of foreign exchange exposure, cross-border acquisitions, capital spending and investments are explored in a collaborative course setting. Students learn to engage others in the workplace on a topic of increasing relevance to companies that operate globally, or are seeking to, in pursuing their strategic vision. 

Required Course Prerequisite: 5190

Enrollment in LMBA Degree required