COM 5100 Executive Success Skills

Change Management Certificate


(3 semester hours credit) HRCI Certification Badge

Communication is at the heart of effective leadership. This introductory course establishes performance expectations for the critical communication skills necessary for success in business. Students will have an opportunity to fine-tune their written, oral, and listening skills, as well as to learn the basics of teamwork. Students will learn how to frame a message for maximum impact using a variety of communication tools (both face-to-face and virtually), how to incorporate delivery techniques into their presentations that will engage the audience, and how to respond effectively to their managers and peers. Fundamental concepts and guidelines are reinforced through practical assignments, ongoing instructor/peer/self-critique, and participation in team activities. Subsequent courses will build upon the criteria for excellence in communications that have been defined in this class.

Required Course Prerequisites: None                                                                   

Enrollment in LMBA Degree required