Graduate Certificate Programs


Professionals who are non-degree-seekers can choose to benefit from the Leadership MBA curriculum by pursuing one of Lake Forest’s graduate certificate programs, derived from the core courses in the LMBA program. With LFGSM’s signature “learn it today, use it tomorrow” approach to business education, graduate certificate students will become effective leaders from day one.

Students can earn a certificate from any one of the following graduate certificate programs in a year.


This series of four courses selected from the LFGSM Leadership MBA degree program will help students develop the skills needed to become more effective leaders. Students will gain the tools and know-how to guide and facilitate constructive strategic change.

Course 1: Executive Success Skills
Course 2: Effective Leadership
Course 3: Strategic Thinking
Course 4: Leading Organizational Change


These four courses selected from the LFGSM Leadership MBA degree program will help students structure an approach to gathering, understanding, and interpreting data in various functional business areas, such as accounting and finance. Students will also learn key economic concepts that are critical to managerial decision-making within today’s business environment.

Course 1: Business Analytics and Research
Course 2: Economics for Leaders 
Course 3: Accounting for Decision Making
Course 4: Financial Management


This series of four courses selected from the LFGSM Leadership MBA degree program will help students develop and implement strategies that are a source of sustainable competitive advantage and initiate strategically aligned innovation. Students will gain tools to construct an effective marketing strategy based on competitive advantage and understand and implement the decisions necessary to optimize operational business processes.

Course 1: Global Business & Cultural Diversity
Course 2: Innovation & Risk
Course 3: Marketing
Course 4: Operations Management

Qualified certificate students who complete the full admissions process can go on to earn an MBA degree by completing the above three certificates, the capstone course and three electives.


Companies and managers are impacted as the global economy trends toward greater integration and interdependency. From cultural diversity, financial management, and marketing perspectives you will learn how to work and build success across borders. These courses examine issues under the umbrella of the global challenge that include strategic ethical considerations, global financial markets, cross border investments, competitive markets, and environmental factors—such as political, economic, legal, socio-cultural, and technological. Students will select one of four Global Practicum options.

Course 1: Global Business and Cultural Diversity
Course 2: Global Finance
Course 3: Global Marketing
Course 4: Global Focus

Certain courses build on previous work. The recommended sequence of courses, the default schedule, is designed to help graduate certificate students maximize their learning in each course. Those courses are identified by a statement at the end of the course description (recommended prerequisites). Students are able to change their schedule to fit their personal needs, but they should be aware that they may need to do some additional work to take full advantage of the course content.


Healthcare is dynamic, complex, and a force of change in the world today. The Healthcare Certificate prepares you to address the evolving models of delivery and financing of care, continually rising costs, and increasing regulatory compliance. You will learn how to make sound business decisions within healthcare’s rapidly changing business environment through site visits to facilities, guest speakers from clinical, scientific, and operations perspectives, as well as political and/or public health arenas. Courses include:

Course 1: Financial Management
Course 2: The Healthcare Landscape
Course 3: Advanced Topics In Healthcare Finance
Course 4: Healthcare Business Operations