Our Mission

Great Leaders Transform Lives

We are an independent, not-for-profit accredited business management education enterprise dedicated to improving the competence, confidence and ability of working professionals and organizations to make significant business contributions that lead to outstanding and measurable results.

All organizational programs and strategies are measured against our mission to ensure we continue to serve our core purpose.

Our Vision

To be an unparalleled community of business professionals that creates and captures value by providing affordable, accessible and accountable business management education solutions that address emerging business challenges.

Our Edge

We distinguish ourselves by delivering collaborative degree and non-degree business management education that is contemporary in content, relevant to the workplace and led by proven business leaders, and designed and facilitated for business impact. For our students, the LFGSM edge is our Leadership Learning™ learning and teaching philosophy and the Leadership Model, unique learning approaches expressly designed to ensure that our students master leadership skills, apply their mastery of those skills immediately to real business problems, and achieve business impact.

The Lake Forest Graduate School of Management programs are built on enduring management principles, and our curriculum is continually refined to reflect current business issues and practices.

As an institution, we have strengthened and expanded our ties to the business community since our founding. Those relationships, our business practitioner faculty, and working professional students drive the continuous improvement of our education model.

The constant evolution of our curriculum makes it possible for us to consistently deliver on our mission and Leadership Learning ® philosophy to help students improve their competence, and confidence so that they can make meaningful business contributions to their organizations.