Leadership Community

From the first class at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management's leadership program, students are immersed in a student and alumni network of nearly 10,000 business leaders. In the classroom, you are taught by faculty with senior level positions in a wide variety of sectors and disciplines. Your classmates will mirror that diversity.

By the time students reach graduation, they have amassed a host of important professional and personal relationships that have grown exponentially with each class completed and event attended. This is not an incidental by-product of your time at LFGSM. These relationships are a tangible advantage that will compound the value of your education.

Leadership at LFGSM

Lake Forest Graduate School is unique in that it structures itself just as any company would. The Board of Directors is comprised of high-ranking executives from major Chicago area businesses and organizations. Always pro-active, our Board spearheads new programs and further development of the School, guiding us through our strategic planning and policy-making activities. Lake Forest Graduate School of Management's Board of Directors meets four times per year in November, February, June and September.

Lake Forest Graduate School of Management's Leadership Team is comprised of the President & CEO and the top management executives from each business unit of the School: Educational Programs & Solutions, Marketing, Admissions, Corporate Sales, HR & External Relations, Finance, and Information Technology

The Leadership Team’s role is to originate and implement the School’s strategic plans, growth initiatives, and policies as well as oversee its day-to-day operations.

Our current and 5th President and CEO, Jeff Anderson joined Lake Forest Graduate School of Management in October of 2014.