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Everything we do is designed to cultivate Broad Thinkers and Strong Leaders who make a difference across organizations. Whether through our graduate business degree programs or Corporate Learning Solutions, our real-world approach creates leaders who can manage everyday operations, and develop and drive a long-term vision for their organizations.

Leadership Model

For over 70 years, Lake Forest has been empowering working professionals with the tools to make a difference in their organizations and communities. We believe a leader is someone who inspires others, changes lives and propels businesses forward. The Lake Forest Leadership Model is the core of our leadership philosophy – it is fundamental to our mission to create Broad Thinkers and Strong Leaders.

red arrowAbility to see things from different perspectives, develop big picture ideas, and drive change.

tan arrowActively identify and nurture talent to build effective teams and productive working relationships.

gray arrow Understand and manage personal strengths and weaknesses to optimize leadership impact.

LFGSM Leadership Model

blue arrowCreatively assess customer/market needs, make organizational assumptions, generate ideas, and execute change.

gray arrowLead the creation and execution of a strategic vision that improves the bottom line, productivity, and culture of the organization.

Lake Forest Leaders

At Lake Forest, we have network of leaders. Our over 20,000 degree and CLS alumni, faculty, corporate partners and board members serve as an extension of the School – becoming Great Leaders who Change Lives.

Leadership Events  

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Josefina Guillen

For the LFGSM Alumni Spotlight, we had the pleasure of interviewing Josefina Guillen, a healthcare and operations Project Manager who has worked at such companies as Abbott, Pfizer, Hospira, Siemens, and Procter & Gamble. Josefina received her MBA from LFGSM in 2015 with a focus in Operations, Lean Management, and Healthcare, and holds a Master’s degree in Quality Management and a BS in Chemical Engineering. [Read More]

Lake Forest Graduate School of Management Alumni, Al Spector explains how his LFGSM MBA gave him the tools to start a sailing school for the blind.

Learn From Leaders


Nimbleness as a Business Strategy.

Many of the most successful companies look almost nothing like the businesses their owners originally set out to create. Innovative entrepreneurs do not cling tightly to a singular vision. Instead, they stay fluid. Leaders who want their organizations to succeed not only need to be comfortable with change and messiness themselves, they need to incorporate nimbleness into their organizations’ strategies.

icon-blogLake Forest Graduate School of Management’s Business Leader Faculty® Sangita Katsuri discussed gender equality at a TEDx event at the University of Wisconsin Madison entitled "To Change Perceptions of Women, We Must Also Change Perceptions of Men." [Launch]

icon-blogLake Forest Graduate School of Management’s Business Leader Faculty® Jay Frischkorn helps us understand what it means to be more strategic – to have a more general management perspective. [Launch]

Leaders in Action

Joe Maddon

"What I see most clearly is the high level of trust and engagement Maddon has developed between himself and the players. These are young, big-ego guys, yet he’s managed to become a leader that these players want to follow...More importantly, they trust him to make those tough decisions."

There’s something special about the way Joe Maddon manages the Chicago Cubs. People marvel at it, but it’s not something that happened on accident. Jeff Anderson, President and CEO of Lake Forest Graduate School of Management reflects on what makes Joe Maddon a great leader.

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Gillian Murtagh

Dr. Gillian Murtagh, Associate Medical Director for Abbott Diagnostics Division, was one of five recipients of Lake Forest Graduate School of Management’s President’s Scholars Program Scholarship.

We sat down with Gillian to talk about what it’s like to be a woman in two competitive fields – business and medicine, integrating the two fields together, and the coaching she received from LFGSM President and CEO Jeff Anderson.

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Dr. Weil and Dr. Marymont discuss with us problems they faced in the healthcare industry as business began to play a larger role in their careers.

With the growing complexities of the healthcare, many doctors like Dr. Weil and Dr. Marymont are searching for a fresh perspective on how to manage and adapt with the changing times. The answer for many of these MDs is an MBA and the business knowledge and leadership skills that come with it.

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Leadership Development

We believe Broad Thinkers and Strong Leaders harness their inherent abilities and are committed to continuous improvement. Likewise, we build our graduate degree and Corporate Learning Solutions programs on a strong leadership foundation and continually enhance our curriculum to give students the skills we know employers want.

Lake Forest offers a range of leadership development opportunities for:

Graduate Students - Leadership is woven throughout our graduate degree curriculum, with standout courses on Effective Leadership, Strategic Thinking, and Leading Organization Change.
Employers - Leadership Development programs for every level of your organization are offered through Corporate Learning Solutions.
Business Leaders - The exclusive Crain’s Team Building 2.0 program with Crain’s Chicago Business gives managers the communication and collaboration skills necessary for business teams to function in a highly effective manner.