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    Business Leader Faculty®

    We have some of the most experienced business leaders in the country. Our students get a real sense of how things operate in the business world. Reality. Not theory.

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    Make Better Business Decisions.

    Unleash the power of data by earning our Leadership in Data Analytics Certificate as you pursue your Data Analytics focused Leadership MBA.

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    How Ready Are Your Leaders?

    For 70 years, we've been partnering with corporations to build strong leaders who are broad thinking within their organizations.


At LFGSM, Leadership is the cornerstone of our degree programs. Leadership development is integrated throughout our curriculum, ensuring that no matter what course you are in, you are focused on how to use your skills to be an agile leader.

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Great Leaders
Change Lives

Through our Leadership Model, Lake Forest molds Broad Thinkers and Strong Leaders who make a difference. Learn about the Leaders who make up our students, Business Leader Faculty, and alumni who are changing the world around them.

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for Leadership

At the Lake Forest Center for Leadership we partner with organizations to develop and deliver real-world customized learning solutions to advance your talent that is deeply connected to your business goals.

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