Global Practicum: Base Camp

5847 Global Base Camp
No credit/No cost/No international travel  
Global Base Camp is required to become a Hotchkiss Scholar 

 Base Camp

This non-credit bearing course is directly linked to each of the Global Practica courses providing real time research support for the consulting projects and company visits. Students enrolled in the Global Base Camp course will participate in the required pre-departure sessions and follow up session as needed. Student will participate in scheduled and spontaneous virtual conferences while Global Practica students are in country. Detailed responsibilities and tasks will be identified in conjunction with Base Campus faculty and Global Practica faculty and are dependent upon the counties visited, consulting projects and company visits.

Upon completion of the Global Base Camp, the student will be able to:

1. Effectively conduct and participate in global web conferences working collaboratively with teams across time zones.

2. Research industries, trade agreements, and business topics to support team members involved in global      consulting projects.

3. Demonstrate their ability to apply LFGSM MBA competencies to solve real world global business problems.


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