Corporate Tuition Assurance Option

Beginning in the 2013 Fall Term, LFGSM will introduce a Tuition Assurance Option (TAO) to help students manage their future tuition costs.

TAO guarantees the tuition rate against any future annual increase for those corporate cohort students who remain continuously registered for courses as part of your cohort-based/on-site program. 

If you are required to take courses outside of your on-site cohort-based program – you can maintain your tuition rate so long as you are continuously enrolled.

For example, if your on-site cohort-based program requires you to take four courses per academic term – and you follow those requirements on a continuous basis for the remainder of your tenure as you earn your Leadership MBA– you can maintain your current tuition rate (at the 2013-14 rate).

For more information, please contact Chris Perlstrom