Custom Development

Development Process

Corporate Learning Solutions (CLS) partners with organizations to tailor flexible, customized learning solutions to attain specific business outcomes aligned with the organization's strategy. Our solutions consist of four primary stages:

  • Needs analysis: The Corporate Learning Solutions team meets with you and your key stakeholders to gain a detailed understanding of the issues and the nature of any desired changes in behavior.
  • Proposed Learning Solution: Based on the experience of our academic team and practitioner faculty, the latest trends in instructional design, and knowledge of the intended audience, we propose a set of learning objectives and alternative methods of delivering the solution.  These alternatives may consist of face-to-face classes, online classes, E-learning modules, group or individual coaching sessions, or consulting.
  • Design and Delivery: Our programs are designed and delivered by faculty with experience in instructional design and working with adult learners. We follow a set of instructional principles used in our MBA program as well as in CLS that emphasize active learning.
  • Evaluation: We can measure the impact of our solutions on your participants, their leaders, and even the organization as a whole.  In this way, we can help deliver programs with clear benefits.

To discuss options, please call Corporate Learning Solutions at (847) 574-5322, or email us at We’d be happy to meet with you to listen to your needs and work with you to attain your business goals.