Partner With Lake Forest & Achieve Business Goals

Lake Forest is a fully accredited, nonprofit graduate school that has trained more than 9,000 students since 1946. Our sole mission is to provide business education from business leaders. Our faculty are all highly experienced practitioners who concentrate on helping students achieve instructional goals through real-world applications.

Many of our competitors can sponsor an on-site program…but it takes a unique institution like Lake Forest to take a different approach. We are very committed to advancing skills that are critical to your success. Our initial discussion with you will begin with, "Let's sit down and think about how we target your company's needs. Let's design a program for you."

We offer individual courses, certificates, and full MBA programs.

Your mission is our primary interest. How can we best partner with you to help your employees achieve their goals, and yours? How can we help them build what Bersin calls "a supply chain of skills"?

Let’s talk.

To discuss options, including online and face-to-face sessions led by our all-business-practitioner faculty, please call Corporate Learning Solutions at (847) 574-5322, or email us at