Credit Bearing Programs

In the past, offering courses and paying for some or all of them was considered a benefit. Today, it’s a strategic investment…especially if you tie these course goals to your organization’s needs. What are the key competencies that you will need to grow? What gaps may exist that solid courses may help to fill? What outcomes are you looking for? How will you measure them? Think of this educational investment in this three-tiered model:

I. Standardize and support your employees’ development goals
II. Align what you offer employees with your talent management strategies
III. Develop and deliver customized credit-bearing programs


Customizing what you offer your employees can be seen, therefore, as part of a natural support and development process. Credit-bearing programs will help you achieve your goals, while offering your employees something of real value: certificates or a degree from a recognized, fully accredited institution – Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.

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