Effective Leadership

Performance Management

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The ability to manage people is dependent on determining clear, SMART goals, monitoring the progress of each individual, and regularly providing feedback and coaching.


As a result of this program, participants will be able to:  

   - Develop common expectations and set SMART goals

   - Determine skills needed to achieve objectives

   - Determine activities needed to increase performance

   - Draft development plans

   - Provide feedback adapted to communication styles

   - Assess motivation and its role in performance against expectations

   - Document assessments

   - Apply coaching methods

   - Address performance and goal setting in constructive conversations

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We tailor courses to meet your needs, using our all-business-practitioner faculty. To discuss available options for this course, including length, delivery mode, and reinforcement, please call Corporate Learning Solutions at (847) 574-5322, or email us at CLS@lfgsm.edu.