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Business executives frequently represent their organizations in negotiations that involve major client relationships and revenues. This course introduces participants to a negotiating process that develops extraordinary perceptual, analytical, and interpersonal skills, builds and sustains trust, and fosters good working relationships.

Negotiating is linked to the principles of influence and persuasion; its real success, however, is tied to the creativity and brain power of the participants. Mastering negotiating skills enables participants to be in control of the negotiation process, thereby creating win-win solutions for themselves and their organizations.

As a result of this program, participants will be able to:

   - Articulate the differences among influence, persuasion, and negotiation

   - Discuss the negotiation process

   - Complete/discuss a negotiating assessment

   - Recognize the value of planning for negotiations

   - Identify key negotiating techniques

   - Practice individual face-to-face negotiations after drafting a negotiating planning sheet

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