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Whether reaching agreement on a course of action or building momentum around a new idea, we want our colleagues to follow our lead, and, at the same time, perceive us as competent and credible individuals. This requires mastery of communication techniques that enable individuals to better relate to and work with others.

Experts agree that the lack of these skills can slow down or even derail careers. Such skills become increasingly important as individuals move up the organizational hierarchy. This highly interactive workshop helps individuals assess their own communication skills and challenges, and develop solutions for increased success.

As s result of being in this program, participants will be able to:

   - Identify personal strengths based on personality indicators

   - List the six components of leadership credibility

   - Identify words and phrases that enhance or detract from personal power and presence

   - Build on the RIP principles – Reputation, Image and Performance

   - Discuss the ABCs of perception – Appearance, Behavior and Reputation

   - List communications builders and blockers

   - Strengthen their stage presence

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We tailor courses to meet your needs, using our all-business-practitioner faculty. To discuss available options for this course, including length, delivery mode, and reinforcement, please call Corporate Learning Solutions at (847) 574-5322, or email us at