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We use influencing skills every day. Whether reaching agreement on a course of action or building momentum around a new idea, we want our colleagues to follow our lead, and, at the same time, perceive us as competent and credible individuals. This course differentiates “influencing” and “persuading” and hones in on three specific skill sets (inner confidence, outer presence, and compelling communication) that enable us to be perceived as “influencers” in the workplace.

Influencing the thought processes and actions of others places us in a position of informal leadership, regardless of our formal role in an organization. The more we are able to influence others, the more power we have to achieve our goals and the goals of our department.

As a result of this program, participants will learn to        

   - Differentiate between the terms “influence” (indirect/subtle) and “persuade” (direct/obvious)

   - Identify the three components of effective influencing skills (inner confidence, outer presence, and compelling communication)  

   - Apply a 5-step influencing communication model to achieve a work-related goal

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